10 Macro Photography Ideas You Can Try Today (Without Leaving the House!)

2. Sliced fruits

Fruit colours and textures are always good macro subjects, but there is a particular category that I really enjoy photographing:  citrus fruits.

Because of their inner transparency, these fruits show some amazing patterns when sliced and backlighted.

If you get really close, the sense of scale is totally lost, so it becomes an abstract set of shapes and colours that you can use creatively.

This particular image was photographed from the top with a 50mm macro lens and backlighted with a speedlight placed under a white acrylic where the lemon slice was lying flat.

Other semi-transparent objects like leaves, vegetables or liquids will also work good with this setup. It’s just a matter of finding the right composition and lighting.

3. Wood

If you look at wood close enough you will see amazing details like grain, texture and figure that change as time goes by, just like the human body changes as we get old.

Dendrologists study this complex process of a tree’s development, but I just photograph them for their beauty and amazing detail.

This particular image, of a couple of wood logs that were standing next to my fire place, was photographed with a reversed 50mm lens and some side light from a nearby window.

4. Ashes

If wood is an amazing subject for macro photography, burned out wood or the leftover are even more fascinating.

Normally you might stay away from ash, so as not to breathe it in or get yourself dirty. But if you take a closer look you will understand its macro imaging potential.

In this particular image, I photographed ash waiting to be removed from my fireplace. I used a 100mm lens and with some simple backlight provided by a LED flashlight. The result was a really interesting image composition filled with detail and light transitions.

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