10 Must-Know Tips for Composing Landscapes

If you’re looking to take your landscape photography to new levels, you’re in luck. You don’t need to run out and purchase expensive new gear in order to create amazing landscapes; one of the best ways to create visually stunning landscapes, is by mastering the art of composition.

Composition is arguably one of the most important features in photography. It’s the heart and soul of landscape photography, and is what ties everything together for maximum impact. Learning how to effectively use compositional techniques is one of the best ways to create masterful landscape imagery.

If you are looking to take your landscape photography to new levels, check out these ten compositional tips for composing amazing landscape images…

The Right Light

Landscape by Frank Schmidtphoto by Frank SchmidtExcellent lighting is a little-known secret behind some of the most amazing landscape photos today. The right lighting can do wonders for your landscape photography, and many professional photographers hint at the importance of lighting in their compositions.

The dramatic light after a storm or the soft, beautiful glow during Golden Hour can make all the difference, and often is what separates a lackluster photograph from a truly outstanding image.

Equally important to finding the right lighting is learning to work with available light. Paying attention to the direction, and quality of light can help you to learn which settings to use, which angles to photograph at, and which tools you need in order to cast your compositions in a better light. The right lighting can make all the difference. Try it, and see the difference in your landscapes.

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