TOP 10 Tips for Female Preppers

There are a lot of strong, competent female preppers out there.  But, let’s face it: most of the voices and advice in the prepping community comes from men.  So, I thought it was time that I address prepping from a woman’s viewpoint.  Here are my top 10 tips for female preppers!

1. Being a Woman Doesn’t Make You Inherently Weaker

As Skylar talks about in her article about the mindset of a single female prepper, there is a bias saying that women can only be competent if they become “Rambo-esque” or “one of the guys.”

There is no reason you should have to mimic the guys in order to be strong.  True, women might not have as much muscle mass or strength on average as men, but we have a lot of other strengths which can be exploited for survival.

If you want to be prepared as a female, then the first thing you need to do is get your mentality straight!  Do things your way and not the way the boys say you should.

2. Time to Upgrade Your Menstrual Hygiene

Okay, here’s a topic that no male prepper wants to talk about! We need to talk about menstrual health or we won’t be able to prepare for it.

One option is to stockpile tons of tampons or pads.  That means a lot of expense and a lot of space.  Instead, maybe it is time to get started with a menstrual cup.

menstrual cup is a reusable silicon cup that is inserted into your vagina to collect blood.  It is proven to be safer than tampons (which come with a risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome) and works really well.  The best thing is that one menstrual cup lasts about 5 years!  The cup doesn’t take up much space either, so you just need one item for all of your menstrual hygiene preps.

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