20 Must-Subscribe YouTube Channels for Photographers

There are plenty of resources out there on the ‘net these days for learning photography. If you’re a photographer, chances are you’re a visual person. So learning and gathering information in a visual way may work best for you. There’s no place on the web that can provide you with photography knowledge in a visual way better than YouTube. And there are plenty of photographers creating great videos that teach you about the tools, techniques and other knowledge you need to improve your photography.

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But this begs the question, with so many YouTube photography channels out there, to which should you look to find the best information? With that question in mind, let’s take a look at 20 of the best YouTube channels for photographers.


Founded in 2010, Fstoppers is a vibrant online community of photographers with a focus on education for not just photographers, but also cinematographers and other creative professionals. Like their website, the Fstoppers YouTube channel offers a veritable feast for the creative person, with content ranging from gear reviews to business tips and industry reviews.

Thomas Heaton

For adventure and landscape photographers out there seeking inspiration and visually stunning imagery, Thomas Heaton offers regular videos featuring his adventures in the outdoors, as he looks for and photographs some of the world’s most incredible landscapes.

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