35 Photography Composition Rules Beginners Have To Know

Being able to take your landscape photography to new levels doesn’t require fancy or expensive gear. Instead, all you need to do is learn about the art of composition.

Composition, perhaps more than anything else, is an essential feature in photography. Once you understand it and can efficiently use photography compositional techniques, your photography will keep getting better.

Here are 35 landscape photography tips for taking stunning photos.

1. Find the Perfect Light

Excellent lighting makes good landscape photography great. Take advantage of it, depending on the situation. For example, utilize the dramatic light after a storm or lightning strike or the wonderful glow during the golden hour. You’ll be amazed what a difference great lighting can make.

2. Well-Balance

Make sure all the elements of a composition work well together. In doing so, your photograph can become visually balance. Avoid overpowering elements.

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