5 Awesome DIY Emergency Ways to Filter Water in the Wild

If you ever wanted to be like Bear Grylls for the weekend, then you should know how to ingest stuff you usually aren’t used to eating. While biting off a fish head may be quite acceptable, drinking contaminated water is not.

In the wild, you need all the help you can get to survive. Whether you’ve been stranded in a remote area or you’re trying to ‘rough it out’, knowing how to drink water in the wild may not only save you from a bad stomach ache; it can also save your life.

Threes of Everything May Just Save You

Many survivalists follow the Wilderness “Rule of Threes.” This rule enumerates the tolerance levels of the average human, and anything that goes beyond this rule becomes deadly. According to the Rule of Threes, the average human can:

  • Live up to three minutes without air.
  • Live up to three hours without shelter.
  • Live up to three days without water.
  • Live up to three weeks without food.

There are those who have been known to survive at lengths longer than what were stated in the Rule of Threes. We cannot recommend these, though, unless you want to return to civilization in a stretcher.

Three Days Without Water

survival still
Among the necessities in the Rule of Threes is water, and the resourceful trekker will find this almost everywhere in nature. The need for an emergency drink may come, but then the emergency drinking water you may find may not be as drinkable as you think.

Before taking in any water you may come across in your nature tripping, first consider if it is potable. It may look sparkling but it could be contaminated with E. coli, streptococci, cyanobacteria, and all those other icky microbes that could cause anything from diarrhea to death.

The thirsty nature trekker may want to consider creating an emergency water purification system so that he can have a stash of emergency water supplies on hand.

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