6 Hacks for Amazing Black And White Photographs

Black & White Photographs

For some black and white photography is a romantic reminder of the bygone days. For others it is very much alive. For many of you reading this, black and white photography was the original medium of expression, powerful shades of grey that captured life as we know it. There is a bit of nostalgia involved each time we refer to black and white photography. As a result, this genre of photography simply refuses to die. As a matter of fact it is being revived by enthusiasts everywhere.

In this brief discussion, we shall be looking at five tips on how to make better B&W images.

Shooting in RAW

As a beginner into the world of B&W photography, you would think that the easiest way to shoot would be by setting your camera to B&W. Well that is one way of doing it, if you wish to permanently let go of the option to edit and post-process your images. There are a thousand different aspects to B&W photography than the B&W mode and you will realize it when you first start to post process your images in an attempt to accentuate. RAW, for starters, is a loss-less file format. It retains event bit of information that the sensor captures. While post-processing this gives you an incredible range within which you can edit, manipulate and accentuate your images.

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