9 Easy Real Estate Photography Hacks

It is all too common with new real estate photographers to miss small things they can do to make a property standout online. With on-site shoots being time-consuming with hundreds of things to think about, it is easy to miss important shots.

Below is a list of easy tricks you can use during a shoot to impress your clients and gain those perfect photos.

1. Remove Spa, Pool and BBQ Covers

Outdoor areas are important features to capture in real estate photography, as they can differentiate a listing. But if they’re not shot well they can look ugly and cluttered.

In outdoor areas, if a BBQ looks well-used and old, make sure you keep a cover on them. This makes the area look neat and tidy. Also, in this scenario, we recommend using a wide-angle lens so that the focus won’t be on the BBQ, but creating a ‘lifestyle’ image to capture the overall area.

With pool and spa covers we recommend removing them if possible and hiding them away completely. If for some reason the covers can’t be removed, don’t worry as you can use our image enhancement service to photoshop pool water into the pool instead.

2. Capturing The View

If a property has a view it is essential that you capture it well, this is often an essential selling point for a listing.

When trying to capture a view, it’s always good practice to include a part of the balcony rail in the photo to show perspective in the image. This way buyers realize it is an actual view from the property and realistic, not an aerial drone shot.

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