20 Awesome Open Spaces with Plant Boxes at Home

Living in a city where all we see are buildings and traffic is something we have to endure every time we are on the road – it gets really stressful; and there are times that we have to do something personally about these things – just like creating your own garden in the house! Since living in the city could mean that we have minimal open space for gardens – we could share a list that could actually help you with that.

Below is a list of 20 Awesome Open Spaces with Plant Boxes at Home. When we talk about open spaces – if a real backyard is not available, we can opt for a small service area in your house or a roof top – whichever is actually available. Take a look at the small to large scale gardens that we have on this list that could actually help you in your garden building.

1. Coziest Garage Rooftop

Coziest Garage

Chicago Specialty Gardens, Inc.

If this is what a cozy rooftop looks like, I think you might be doing something wrong with yours. Just kidding guys. I know that we only see a portion of this garage rooftop, but from we have here, we see a comfortable and manageable outdoor couch that is just beside an awesome grill and stunning plant boxes in black. Don’t you just love it?

2. East 7th St Apartment

East7th Porcelanosa


Whatever your plant choice is for your large plant boxes, you know that they’d easily look pretty because of the beautiful plant boxes themselves. Adding lounge chairs and even a dining set would mean being able to hang out in here during your free time or every afternoons! Seeing your neighborhood from this point makes everything interesting.

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