Exotic Adventure Travel Spots: Top 19 Thrilling Trails Guaranteed to Make Your Heart Race

For you Adventure Traveler These 19 hikes will raise your heart rate, take you to perilous heights, or bring you to awe-inspiring destinations.

Aeolian Islands, Italy

What to Expect: The chance to see lava sputtering from the summit of a perfectly cone-shaped, active volcano in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea just north of Sicily

Distance: 1,312 foot elevation gain

Stromboli is a paradigm of volcanic architecture. The tiny 4.6-square-mile island boasts a consummate cone-shaped summit that spews fire and magma all day long, and at shockingly regular intervals.

The volcanic belches are regular and predictable enough that hikers can scramble to the 3,034-foot summit and peer into the molten cauldron without much risk. A “Strombolian Eruption” occurs every 20 minutes or so, and has been for the past two millennia.

Major eruptions are the outliers, though they still do occur—the last one scoured the sides in 2007, and there was another big blast in 2003. The odds are still in your favor though, and besides: Where else can you stand just 500 feet away from hot, spewing magma?

Thrill Factor: Consider hiking to one of Stromboli’s three active lava craters at night to better witness nature’s greatest fireworks display.

Easier Option: Boat tours depart every night and provide views of the lava from a safer distance out on the water.

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