Keep Fun And Safe: Ultimate Guide Hiking and Camping In The Rain

Don’t let a wet weather forecast put you off going on your next camping trip. With a few additions to your usual gear and some forward thinking when it comes to clothing, you can still have a fun outing. The key is staying warm and dry, so take a look some of my best tips for camping and hiking in the rain.

Choosing the right site for your tent

One of the most important things to consider when you’re camping in the rain is where you’re going to pitch your tent. If the ground looks soft or caved in, you can be pretty sure this will be a puddle prone area when it starts to rain.

No one wants to wake up wet and realize they’ve set up camp in a puddle, so be savvy about choosing a good spot. Also try to avoid camping close to a river, as heavy rain may cause flooding.

Setting Up Camp

Once you’ve picked the right spot, it’s time to set up your tent. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to practice setting up your tent at home when you’re not under any pressure, as this also ensures you know exactly what goes where.

Rainy weather usually calls for some extra protection, like a rain fly, which needs to be out of the way of the tent walls to filter the rain out to the sides.

The best way to keep your camp as dry as possible is to bring a few extra tarps with you. As well as covering your tent, you’ll be able to create a few more dry areas for eating, getting changed, or storing gear.

You can tie a large, sturdy tarp between two trees to create a roof and add some extra protection from wet conditions.

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