The 10 laws of landscape photography

Law 3: Don’t always use wide-angle lenses

Be aware of the possibilities zoom or telephoto lenses can give you, and you’ll end the day with more creative images

Many landscape photographers shoot 80 per cent of their landscapes with a wide-angle lens, but it’s still worth taking along a longer lens for capturing those distant details that are impossible to shoot with anything else. For that other 20 per cent of images, around half are shot using the longer focal length setting of a standard zoom, the other half with a telephoto lens.

Shooting details from a distance means that you get the classic compressed perspective effect, where the foreground and the background appear to be very close together. The further you are from the subject, the more pronounced the effect will be, which means you’ll also need a long focal length to fill the frame with these very distant subjects.

Stitched up

The other occasion where a longer focal length lens comes in is if you’re shooting a panorama. A wide-angle lens often distorts at least part of the image, making a sequence harder to stitch together. Using a telephoto lens keeps the perspective of the final result looking more natural.

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