Despite Disney’s Cars, headlights are the eyes of the vehicle. If eyes are the windows to the soul, then it stands to reason that a car’s headlights should tell us everything we need to know about it. There’s been quite a few changes to headlight design over the years, and we’re going to try and cover all the coolest headlight designs.


BMW 8 series – The ‘80s were the pinnacle of flip-up headlight design, with them on everything from Firebirds to Corollas. In ’89, BMW showed everyone how it’s done. With three bulbs in each housing, and an ominous glare when up, the Bavarian super coupe delivers style in every component.

1st gen Acura NSX – The first generation NSX was a breath of fresh air in the entry supercar market. Production began in 1990, and while it was a new decade, flip-ups were still popular. Honda had the NSX’s lights flip up, but not all the way. The look is menacing and focused, but also more aero friendly, showing Honda’s attention to detail.


Audi LEDs – LEDs are currently all the rage with every major and minor manufacturer. They’re here to stay. Arguably starting the whole LED trend, Audi debuted LED headlight accents on their 2006 S6. The R8 popularized the curved LED strip in the headlight look, which made them instantly stand out from every other car on the road.

BMW angel eyes – If Audi wrote the book on LEDs, BMW started the trend with their “Corona Ring.” BMW already had a refined headlight look by 2001, but adding an incandescent ring to each headlight added a distinctive and modern look with classic style. The best example is probably the E39 M5.

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