The Top 50 Long Distance Hiking Trails In The USA And Little Guide How To Hike

The Top 50 Long Distance Hiking Trails In The USA And Little Guide How To Hike

Be sure to take good hiking boots with you. Here we’ve got a men’s selection and a women’s selection. Your footwear is easily the most important hiking item that you can’t afford to forget about. The pages I linked to show the top 20 brands for hiking boots for both men and women. I think you’re going to have a great time trying to find the best ones for your hike of choice!

Now keep in mind… these are long distance trails. If you’re planning on making camp, you’ve gotta be sure to have a way of catching some zzz’s to make the most out of resting your eyes for a bit. A cot or a hammock can really help you out. If you want to sleep under cover, then you’re going to need a tent, either one for backpacking or for camping. Since resting alone isn’t going to keep you going on the trail, I highly recommend that you also find a way to make yourself some grub.

Naturally, you’re also going to have make sure you are properly dressed for the occasion. A good night’s rest and a full tummy are nice, but what’s it worth if you’re going to be suffering from rain and cold, all throughout your hike? For that reason, you’ve gotta be wearing a proper jacket. Depending on the weather situation you are expecting, you should either go with a jacket that is waterproof, or one made of down. Once your torso is properly clad, you stand a much better chance to enjoy your hike. But don’t forget to put on a decent pair of outdoor pants as well. Oh, and don’t forget your boxers!

You’d think you’d be properly equipped with all this, right? Well, we haven’t covered one very important thing yet, and that’s your pack. Depending on how long your hike is and what you want to take with you, you’ll need to either carry a daypack, a heavy duty backpack. And, depending on how gorgeous the scenery is that you’re going to be looking at, you also might want to consider to bring a bag to put your camera in. Last, but not least… the more strenuous your trail is, the more of a chance you stand of sustaining an injury. Small injuries such as scratches can still be really painful, despite being small. Don’t let injuries ruin your hike. Bring some first aid with you. You never know when it’ll come in handy!

Some people like to stray off the beaten path and go fish in the lake. If you’re planning on fishing while you’re camping lakeside, then you may want to bring a good kayak with you, that will keep you adrift while you’re keeping a close eye on your fishing float. And if you’re not just fishing for a little R&R, but you actually want to impress your wife… then consider bringing along a fish finder to really give yourself an edge!

Length: 4600 miles
Region: Northern United States
Endpoint 1: Crown Point, New York
Endpoint 2: Lake Sakakawea State Park, North Dakota

Shoulder a pack, lace up your boots and heat out to explore this scenic and amazing trail. You can throughout the year, until snow blocks your path. It cuts through seven states, from prairies on the Great Plains to the glacier-filled landscapes in Adirondack Park. If you want to explore large sections of the U.S.A through the jungle, the North Country Trail is just what you need to follow. Cutting through more than 100 state forests and national parks, as well as 10 national forests, the trail gives millions of hikers each year, a view into some of the finest natural locations that North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York have to offer. You will experience sublime scenery in places such as Pictured Rocks, with cliffs and lighthouses over Lake Superior. During fall, experience the sight of changing leaves and the smell of grape harvest, in Finger Lakes, New York. Established more almost 40 years ago, the North County Trail is yet to be completed. Hikers follow abandoned railroad beds, miles of dirt roads, national forests and newly cut trails, giving you the best combination of what nature has to offer.

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