Top 10 most extreme travel destinations on Earth – would you dare to visit?

Earth is the most diverse planet in the solar system, making it a wonder to explore.

From the snowy depths of Oymyakon, Russia, to the scorching heat of Death Valley, California, it’s diversity is what makes it so beautiful.

If you want your next trip to test you to the max you might want to swap your week in Mallorca for a trek up Mount Everest or trade in your ski trip for a long weekend in the coldest place on Earth.

But are you brave enough to visit the most extreme travel destinations of the world?

1. The most active volcano: Mt. Kilauea, Hawaii

Mt. Kilauea

The ferocious Mt. Kilauea volcano hasn’t stopped erupting since it started back in 1983. In the past 33 years the molten lava has destroyed over 200 homes while creating 544 acres of new land.

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