9 Places in Florida Every Photographer Needs to Shoot At Least Once

Florida has a rich ecosystem with natural springs, coastline beaches, and diverse wildlife. With this, it is no surprise that Florida is a photographer’s dream. While most photography enthusiasts think of snapping an attention-grabbing photo from Disney, Key West or Miami, Florida has much more to offer. Consider shooting something unique at one of these offbeat photography locations in Florida.

History in St. Augustine

Step back into history and visit St. Augustine, America’s oldest city to capture a glimpse of old Florida. Here you will find photo ops abound with landscapes, architecture, and historical landmarks. Beginners and experts alike will enjoy photographing the quaint shops on the cobblestone-lined streets and the monumental Castillo de San Marcos in the historical district.  Nowhere else in Florida will you find this type of old world charm amongst a beach town.

Surfers in Sebastian Inlet

If you’re looking for some action photography, Sebastian Inlet will keep your shutter busy. While Florida has plenty of surf spots along its beaches, Sebastian is one of the few in the state that surfers can achieve high performance “big wave” status that is sure to make your photos pop. With waves maxing out at 15-feet, Sebastian Inlet is only 15 miles south of Melbourne Beach and a perfect spot to capture the energy of Florida’s surfers.

The Everglades Swamp

Spanning the southern tip of Florida is the Everglades National Park and the best place to photograph Florida’s unique alligator-filled swamps. The Everglades is the largest subtropical wilderness and protected mangrove forest in the US, so it comes to no surprise that you will find a plethora of diverse wildlife in these eerie swamps, such as alligators, snakes, and a variety of other exotic reptiles, insects, birds, and fish.

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