20 Torch Lights to Accentuate Your Home’s Outdoor Area

There are more than one ways to decorate and add lights to your garden and pool area. You could add fire pits for a more dramatic appeal and also add some structures as well. It depends on the kind of look you want for your outdoor area but whatever look that is, you will surely find a creative way to do that. Today, we will show you a list of beautiful outdoor spaces ranging from pathways, pool decks, yards and others which make use of torch lights.

A torch is considered as a light to be carried in the hand which consists of some combustible substance like twisted flax or resinous wood that are soaked with tallow or other flammable substance and then it is ignited at the upper end. You’d surely picture a Hawaiian or tropical scene when it comes to torches but did you know that there are already modern and contemporary versions of the lighting too? This is what you are going to see in this list today. We will be showing you a roundup of outdoor spaces that made use of torches that comes in various designs. Scroll down and check out the varying torch light designs.

1. Volution


Slade Architecture

Redefine your indoor and outdoor space with this unique spiral torch that elegantly contours the form of its slender design that could be a sophisticated freestanding fireplace. It uses a combination of solid steel and gunmetal grey epoxy powder paint that produces a smart, new and resilient look which will match any setting.

2. Cooparoo


Utopia Landscape Design

A tropical outdoor space made use of wood for its planters and also for its hot tub which sits under a hut. It is surrounded with torches on the edges bringing its much needed drama in it.

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